Shielding Effectiveness  

One of the more difficult tests to understand is shielding effectiveness or transfer impedance. The data from these tests may vary dramatically based on the test method selected, test fixture, test setup, measurement sensitivity, test personnel, etc. At Radiometrics all shielding effectiveness test are performed or supervised by NARTE Certified engineers. We will assist our clients to ensure that their tests are performed in a manner that yields valid, supportable, reproducible data consistent with the final application of their product.

ASTM D4930

Measuring the Shielding Effectiveness of Planar Materials

MIL T 81490

Transmissions Lines, Transverse Electromagnetic Mode

Mil-Std 285

Attenuation Measurements for Enclosures

MIL-STD 188-125-1

High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Protection


Shielding Effectiveness of Multicontact Connectors

IEC 61726:2001

Attenuation Measurements by Reverberation
Chamber Method


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