FCC Testing and Certification  

Radiometrics was one of the first labs in the country to receive acceptance by the FCC as an independent lab available for performing tests to the FCC Code of Federal Regulations. The results from Radiometrics can be used for your Declaration of Conformance or submittals can be made directly to the FCC or our Telecommunications Competent Body.



FCC Part 15 Computing Devices, Cordless Telephones, Satellite Receivers, TV Interface Devices, Receivers, Low Power Transmitters


FCC Part 18 Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Equipment i.e.: Microwave, RF Lighting Ballast (ISM)


FCC Part 22 Cellular Telephones


FCC Part 24 Personal Communications Systems


FCC Part 80 Marine Radio Transmitters


FCC Part 90 Private Land Mobile Radio Services Includes Paging Devices and Mobile Radio Transmitters


RF exposure ANSI/IEEE C95.1

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